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Maxine Doyle directs and choreographs Sunset for Strut Dance at the Perth Festival 7 – 17 February 2019. You can find out more here!



“British director-choreographer Maxine Doyle has created a piece of interactive theatre that respects, even celebrates, the location. It is not dance perfection. It is raw, intimate, energetic, sweaty. It feels right.” (The West Australian)
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“An exhilarating confrontation with memory, a yearning to face our tragedies and traumas head on – and performed with stunning skill. It is a communion with the dead and, as I’d learn from the opening weekend of Perth festival, reckoning with our ghosts, and our mucky history of wilful ignorance is a powerful process. By design, this year’s festival – the final year under the curation of the artistic director, Wendy Martin – is making us all go through that process together.” (The Guardian)
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“The perfect marriage of dance, design and music transported me to another time and place, a place that smelt of tears, sounded of breaking hearts and was filled with spirits united by love and loss.” (Seesaw)
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“What occurred next proved to be the complete embodiment of a theatrical experience that blew the mind. It was the most dramatic, atmospheric, immersive, 360 degree, epic musical theatre dance experience not to be missed in your lifetime or the next!” (Out in Perth)
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