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Photograph: Michael Shelford
Dan Nicholson
Photograph: Michael Shelford

Agent: Chloe Brayfield

Training: Drama Centre

Eye Colour: Green

Height: 5ft 11in

Play_Showreel Play showreel

Agent: Chloe Brayfield

Breeding (King's Head Theatre)


Nightsleeper Euston Films John Hayes
John Hayes & Jamie Magnus Stone

Grace Series 3 Tall Story Pictures / ITV / Second Act William Sinclair

Doctors BBC Peter Fearon

Blood, Sex & Royalty Nutopia James Bryce

Liar (series 2) Two Brothers/ ITV James Strong

Ghosts, Series 2 BBC One/Monumental Television Tom Kingsley

Liar Two Brothers / ITV James Strong

The Rebel Retort Vadim Jean


Breeding (Zeb) Kings Head Theatre Matthew Iliffe

Sleep No More (Various) Punchdrunk Felix Barrett & Maxine Doyle

The Man Who Would be King (Peachy Carnehan) Dawn State, Vault Festival/ Oxford Playhouse/ National Tour/ Zoo, Edinburgh Fringe Festival/ Lachmere Theatre Dan Coleman

Shortlisted for The Les Enfants Terribles Award, 2014

The Wonderful Discovery of Witches In the County of Lancaster (Roger Nowell, Demdike) Dawn State, The New Diorama/ Pleasance Attic, Edinburgh Fringe Festival/ Greenwich Theatre Dan Coleman

East To Osterley (Sir Robert Child) The Art of Dining Finn Beames

Body (Dr Tobias Body) Wolf Pack, Vault Festival Laila Woozeer

Bites and Scratches (Magnus) Fine Mess Lauren Bracewell

Hedda Gabler (Eilert Lovborg) Drama Centre Dan Coleman

Platanov (Platanov) Vakhtangov Theatre Institute Moscow Irina Pahamova

The Broken Heart (Orgilus) Drama Centre Zoe Waites

The Threesome (Ernest) Drama Centre Oleg Mironchnikov

Twelfth Night (Sir Andrew Aguecheek) Drama Centre Paul Goodwin

Orestes (Orestes) Drama Centre Yorgos Karamalegos

Amadeus (Salieri) Samuel Beckett Theatre Clancy Flynn

The Cut (Paul) Samuel Beckett Theatre Brian Moriarty


Tomorrow (Robert) Studio Ben Cullen Williams Ben Cullen Williams

Glass (Danny) Studio Ben Cullen Williams Ben Cullen Williams

Concerning the CPO (Sammy) Strange Cargo Matthew Harris

Filters (Johnny) Logan Twinley Films Cem Aytacli


The Meatlump The Meatlump Morten Arnfred

Umwelt Royal Theatre Copenhagen and Scandinavian Julie Rasmussen

Dan is an accomplished pianist, percussionist and composer.