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AHA Talent sprang into life as Amanda Howard Associates back in the summer of 1996. ‘Deep Blue’ had just defeated Gary Kasparov, Atlanta hosted the Olympics, The Spice Girls were topping the charts with Wannabe and Amanda Fitzalan Howard, already a well-known and respected agent, set about to start her own agency. With an enviable client list of top talent, many of whom are still with the agency, AHA swiftly established itself as a company of great intelligence, imagination and scope.

Our clients work across all genres of the industry and between them have won Oliviers, BAFTAS, Comedy Awards, Fringe Firsts and the occasional flutter on the horses. We’re incredibly proud of their work and continue to champion them to the same extent today as we did back when we all knew the moves to that Whigfield dance.

Amanda Fitzalan Howard
graduated with a degree in History and History of Art from Bristol University when, as she would put it, God was a boy. Notable alumni in her family include several Catholic saints, a few wives of Henry VIII, and many of the Dukes of Norfolk but she is, as far as we know, the first theatrical agent. Her work in ‘the biz’ includes some modelling in Japan, a stint as a magician’s assistant and delivering Paulina’s ‘Winter’s Tale’ speech at school, but she truly found her calling in artist management. She’s worked with the cream of Britain’s acting talent, first at Leading Artists and then with Michael Whitehall, before setting up on her own and becoming one of the most respected and hardest working agents in the UK, (as well as one of the best dressed it’s also been said). She tirelessly champions her clients in all their work and is as at home in the National as in that kebab shop near the Arcola.

Kirsten Wright
is a graduate of Birmingham University and came to AHA back in its earliest stirrings of life. After the distinction of having made the worst round of tea in AHA history she was swiftly elevated up the ranks to develop her own list of brilliant actors and creatives. Flame-haired, whip-smart and witty, her approachable manner delights both her clients and the industry at large and despite in a previous employment having once brought the production line of a yoghurt factory to a halt with a pen lid, she’s often the safe pair of hands guiding the good ship AHA. Her negotiating skills are the envy of many, unlike her ability to ‘do’ an accent, and her impressive list have featured in some of the most exciting work of the last 15 years. We love her, and so should you.

Mark Price
arrived at AHA back in 1999 after he’d earnt his spurs as a general manager for a West End producer and a mysterious stint in computers and other such stuff us arty-farty types don’t usually understand. After a spell representing actors there came a moment of epiphany (wine was involved) when he realised all he wanted to do was look after those clever people working behind the scenes. His astonishing list of directors, designers and other such creative marvels work across the entire industry, from theatre in caravans to the opening ceremonies of Olympic Games and all over the West End and Broadway. Whatever they’re doing Mark will be there offering sage advice and championing them to the industry at large. He is co-chair of the Creatives bit of the PMA.

Darren Rugg
is another Bristol alumnus and came to us fresh-faced and light-of-feet straight out of university back in 2001. He’s never quite forgiven us for including ‘bin emptying’ in his early duties but thankfully with his brilliant brain and ordered mind it wasn’t long before he was building a formidable list of actors to thrust out into the world. If the phrase ‘tidy desk, tidy mind’ was a thing Darren would be the clan leader and it’s this measured, assured approach to his clients and their work that makes him the successful agent he is. A serious TV addict – you name it, he has probably seen it – his clients have played leads in all the top theatres, been regulars in major TV series, starred in all kinds of films and belted their vocal chords out in musical theatre, all under his careful guidance.

Kevin Brady
is one of only two AHA’ers who actually trained as an actor (up at the RSAMD) which means he’s all set for any vocal warmups/animal studies we might need in the office – rumour has it his performance of an otter was…interesting. Thankfully he soon realised he wanted to be giving out the auditions rather than attending them. After dotting around various agent’s offices he came to AHA to set up a list whilst Kirsten was on maternity leave and before we knew it we couldn’t do without him. He quickly established himself as a core member of the team and has a fabulous list of actors working across the industry. He is also co-chair of the artists section of the PMA – a post we are convinced he took up largely because he loves both rolling his eyes and the sound of his own voice – which means he is the font of all knowledge when it comes to anything ‘contracts’. His Christmas elf outfit is legendary and he amazes us all with his ability not only to run marathons but also be the last man standing at an NT press night after several glasses of ‘that’ white wine.

Chloe Brayfield
started her career assisting at a number of agencies before settling down at AHA, first as a general assistant and then moving on to specialise in commercials, before taking on her own list of bright young things. She remains the commercials queen and her ability to juggle the mind-boggling number of meetings and bookings without ever letting the ball drop is a constant source of amazement to her colleagues. She has a degree in English and American Literature and Film which might go some way to explaining her extensive knowledge of all things ‘arts’ and she’s also regular winner of the ‘nicest person to have a chat to if they pick up the phone’ award…which isn’t a real thing, but if it was she’s a dead cert.

Lucy Griffin
is the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Well, not really but if she had been we’re 100% sure that global financial crash would never have occurred. She’s the keeper of the AHA privy purse and without her we’d be lost in a sea of paperwork clutching desperately onto a calculator we won in a cracker. She keeps track of every job and every payment that comes in and woe betide any production company that fails to pay on time – her displeasure is legendary, as is her multi-coloured backpack. Given her dimensions it’s rumoured Peter Jackson wanted her to play a Hobbit in one of his films…but if she’d have done that who’d have paid the clients on time?

Amy Clarke
found her way to AHA after working in a number of agents offices and training at Webber Douglas and RCSSD. Her theatrical skills have seen her play a diverse series of roles in many of our actors’ self-tapes and we’re sure she’s come pretty close to landing a role herself. She skilfully manages to keep track of everything that’s going on with Darren and Kevin’s clients as well as developing her own list and visits the theatre with awe-inspiring frequency. She loves a crime drama (earning her the office nickname ‘Marple’) as much as the latest West-End musical and her charm, intellect, and karaoke obsession have rapidly become a core part of AHA life…as has her ability to look interested when we all start talking about ‘how things used to be’.



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Stage Sight

AHA are proud members of Stage Sight and are determined to play our full part in creating an off stage workforce that is more reflective of our society today, inclusive of ethnicity, class and disability. For AHA recruitment enquiries please contact Chloe Brayfield