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Photograph: Michael Shelford
Laura Rollins
Photograph: Michael Shelford

Agent: Darren Rugg

Training: Arts Ed

Eye Colour: Brown

Height: 5ft 10in

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Agent: Darren Rugg

Innocent (ITV)


Miss Scarlett & The Duke (Series 2, 4 eps) (Clementine) Alibi/Element 8/Work In Progress Steve Hughes

Father Brown (Helen Delaney) BBC Ruth Carney

Innocent (Series 2) ITV/TXTV Tracey Larcombe

Silent Witness BBC Tracey Larcombe

Doctors (Series Regular) BBC Various

The Reserves Darragh Mortell

Welcome to Orty Fou Roger Singleton-Turner


Romeo and Juliet Orange Tree Theatre Henry Bell

Macbeth Orane Tree Theatre Henry Bell

Ridin' the No 8 Birmingham Rep John Adams

Wallop Mrs Cox Birmingham Rep John Adams


There's Always Hope Tim Lewiston

Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan Press on Features Greg Hall

Communion BBMF Greg Hall