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Jade Ogugua

Agent: Amanda Fitzalan Howard

Training: Drama Centre

Agent: Amanda Fitzalan Howard

The Tempest (Northern Stage/Oxford Playhouse)

TV & Film

Lovesick (Series 2) Channel 4 / Netflix Gordon Anderson

Sniper 6 International Productions / Sony Pictures Don Michael Paul

Doctors BBC Gary Williams

The Guilty ITV / Hartswood Films Ed Bazalgette


Anyone's Guess How We Got Here Barrel Organ Dan Hutton

How to Act National Theatre of Scotland Graham Eatough

The Enchanted Pharmacy Theatre / Bunker Theatre Connie Treves

The Barnbow Canaries West Yorkshire Playhouse Kate Wasserberg

The Tempest Northern Stage / Oxford Playhouse Phelim McDermott

Scarlet Theatre Renegade / Southwark Playhouse Joe Hufton

Electra Drama Centre Sebastian Harcombe

Once in a Lifetime Drama Centre Richard Hamburger

A Midsummer Night's Dream Drama Centre Shona Morris

The Good Soul of Szechuan Drama Centre Richard Williams

The Relapse Drama Centre Lorne Campbell

Golden Boy Drama Centre Aoife Smyth

The Dog in the Manger Drama Centre Annie Tyson

Wild Honey Drama Centre Oleg Mirochnikov

Strife Drama Centre Shona Morris